Since 2009, hundreds of our grassroots, RED SHIRT volunteers have removed and recycled tons of trash off of Masonboro Island during the annual 4th of July Celebration. In 2013 we launched the Masonboro Island Explorer [ILX] program: an educational, science-based field trip to Masonboro Island for 50 fifth-grade students in New Hanover County. This year we are expanding this program to over 1300 students.


  • Independence Day Clean-Up 2010 - 2017

  • annual Spring Benefit in 2013-2017 raised NEARLY $45,000

  • Island Explorers Program Launched in 2013. Since then, over 13,000 students have been a part of the program.

  • Coastal Reserve partnership

  • Turtle Monitoring

  • 700+ Volunteers & Members