We invite you to consider a gift to Masonboro.Org. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit run by volunteers and a small board of directors. Your donations or sponsorship go directly to our programs. Every $35 gift Masonboro.Org receives makes a difference. 


That gift of $35 gift will send one volunteer over to Masonboro Island for our annual clean-up on the Fourth of July. This year,  our 70+ volunteers removed and recycled5,800 pounds of trash during the annual Independence Day celebration. 


A gift of $35 will send one fifth grader from New Hanover county to Masonboro Island. A gift of $70 will enroll two students or send two MSB.ORG volunteers to the island for the Fourth of July clean-up.  A gift of $140 will send four students to Masonboro Island for the Island Explorer program.  A $700 gift will send a class of 20 students to the island!